Throwback: Overnight Website Challenge 2011

THROWBACK – 13 YEARS. Reaction to ETI’s first “tweet”.

It’s March of 2011 and the Nerdery’s Overnight Website Challenge produced ETI’s website complete with About Us, What We Do, How to Help and a Donation Page. In just 24 hours. Our stomachs were growling, our eyelids drooping and turbo caffeine was consumed in frequent intervals. But we gained a top-notch website in a 24-hour period of time. This was thanks to the ten members of Team Bigfoot, led by Chris Locher and Eric Johnson.

ETI, Nerdery’s Team Bigfoot, Tron and Bigfoot himself – March, 2011

Within one month, the site had taken in $25,000 so that the grassy hill in Tanzania could become KARUCO College. ETI still partners with developers from the original Team BIgfoot who continue to donate their skills to keep our online window to the world – spotless. Many thanks to Lunar Duality (Matthew Erickson) and Hardly Neutral (Eric Johnson). 

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