Juice for the Future

ETI Donors Make It Happen

Excitement brews in Karagwe as engineers set the stage for building crews to stand up the Food Processing Plant. The ROC will connect Karagwe to viable markets and help farmers earn money from their crops.  Plus..  KARUCO Solar has begun! Be part of the story. DONATE today.

KARUCO's 2nd Graduation

A dream come true. ETI Supporters helped our Tanzanian Partners build Karagwe University College of Agriculture (KARUCO) on 1000 acres. So far - 50 graduates and July, 2022 - 65 more! Just think! Young, entrepreneurial grads launching new ventures. Congratulations All!


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ETI partners with developing communities in Tanzania to promote and sustain social and economic prosperity through education.

Our first project was to build Karagwe University College which opened October, 2018.

The first cohort graduated in November, 2020, the second in November 2021. ETI is expanding on its successes

by building Rural Opportunity Centers for KARUCO grads and area farmers

to start or grow businesses and access viable markets

Meet KARUCO Students!

Educate Tanzania and partners have built KARUCO - Karagwe University College. The college opened Fall, 2018 and provides students with new methods in agriculture that empowers them to earn and sustain stable incomes. ETI is expanding upon the successes of KARUCO by building Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs) in area communities. Be part of this amazing story!

Our Current Work: JUICE for THE FUTURE!

Drawings by BE Design (NY)

Currently, Karagwe’s farmers grow some of the most delicious pineapple in the world but earn less than $1.25 per day. They toil with hand-hoes, walk or bike their harvest to local markets, and as local markets burst with the same crop, yields often rot or farmers sell to 'middle-persons' for a very low price. ETI and partners are changing this.

Surveys showed that the people of Karagwe want help getting food processing to bring economic vitality to their region (University of Minnesota, 2016). ETI and partners, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Karagwe Diocese (KAD) and BE Design (NY), have the plans, the site, the approvals, and the framework for a sound operation. Now, we seek funds to construct the plant. We can do this: Let's get this built!


Local solutions: Global support.


What ETI Supporters Say

Christel Ngani

Christel Ngani

Technical Program Manager, Google

This project brings strength to generations of Africans.


Natalie Brenner

Director of Operations, PTP

I'm thrilled to have found this special organization.

Dr Willey

David Willey, M.D.

Pres, Valley Family Practice (former)

This is a most worthwhile project!


Elgoodness Emmanuel

Engineer, Construction Manager

ETI gives women opportunity.


Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza


ETI & KAD's faith and sacrifice bring vision to reality. 


Hon Kjell Bergh

Consul to the Republic of Tanzania (ret)

Rural Opportunity Centers will improve gender equity, health and incomes.


Vision Bagonza

Medical Student

The ones who suffer most from poverty are women.


Sophia Kanyamwenge

Academic Administrator, KARUCO

ETI's strong projects help fulfill Karagwe's vision.


Sam Kayongo

Director, IFC, Tanzania


Father Dennis Dease, the state's longest-serving private school leader, is retiring this summer after 22 years at the helm of the University of St. Thomas. He is photographed June 7, 2013 on the St. Paul campus.  (Pioneer Press: Chris Polydoroff)

Dennis Dease

President, University of St. Thomas (ret)

Educate Tanzania helps banish poverty of spirit.

Rev Jackson

Pastor Jackson (ret)

Co-Founder: Bweranyange Girls School

We need opportunity centers so youth can make a living.


Dan Edgerton

Water Resource Engineer, Stantec

Thank you for allowing us to contribute to efforts in Tanzania.


Duane (Digger) Carey

NASA Shuttle Pilot (ret)

This project has my full support and will make our entire world a better place.


Dr. Curt Larson

Professor Emeritus, University of WI

Donations are used honestly and efficiently.


Norma Bergquist (late)

Educator (ret)

Traveling to Tanzania with ETI was the highlight of my life. 


Dr. Katabaro

Principal, Karagwe University College

We need KARUCO because it is the way out of poverty.

KIM Book 2

Dennis Kim

Owner, EVS Engineering

Only education will have any lasting impact on the people.

Rachel Vipond

Rachel Vipond

Senior Content Manager, MXM

I'm amazed by how quickly ETI can make big ideas a reality.


Linda Mambo

Department of Planning, KAD

Karagwe realizes its dreams as ETI and KAD plan a better tomorrow.

Bernard Amadei

Bernard Amadei

Founder Engineers W/O Borders USA

Capacity is strengthened by local skills and external assistance.


Elizabeth Leitch-Sell

Small Business Owner

A non-profit that is motivated purely to help those less fortunate!


Geet Bhatt, Senior Associate

OGCI Climate Investments

Educate Tanzania brings significant change.


Char Saley


Educate Tanzania is making MANY dreams come true!


Mel Breed (late)

Owner, Brotoloc (former)

ETI accomplishes what they say, and their accountability is top notch.