Can you imagine no light? Those at KARUCO can. Since the campus Groundbreaking in 2012, there has been no light except by candle, fire and flashlight or torch. But now, the KARUCO Campus has light thanks to ETI donors and to EVS CARES.  

  • The last grant funding the ETI Board of Directors approved in 2023, was $25,000 to expand the KARUCO Solar Array and Battery Storage and to add street lights to the KARUCO campus. KARUCO was pleased to share their light with ETI so we are at 8 new lights and counting. KARUCO administration, faculty, staff and students hope to get the number to 50. We can do this.

If you haven’t done so already, click on the image for a virtual piki piki (motorcycle) ride to tour KARUCO’s light. 

  • Thank you EVS CARES, ETI, KAD, KARUCO and RESCO for bringing solar to KARUCO.

ETI, KAD, EVS Engineering (MN) and RESCO Solar (TZ have designed and installed the KARUCO Solar and Storage System (25KW). The 64 panel utility scale system is powering up KARUCO’s buildings, water pumps and entrepreneurial campus initiatives. KARUCO Solar was then expanded to include the installation of the 8 KARUCO Solar Street Lights that provide safety and security to the campus. RESCO Solar then offered training to KARUCO students and staff to ensure maintenance of the array. ETI is grateful for the donations of world-class expertise that went into this project and the tireless coordination of KAD and KARUCO personnel who are always open to making things happen in Karagwe. ETI is a professional volunteer organization, motivated and guided by the hopes and intentions of the people of Karagwe. And look at the success of this model.


The KARUCO Solar Array and Storage are inspiring. ETI approved funding for expansion of the array and battery storage that will include CCTV and street lighting for security purposes. RESCO Solar from Dar es Salaam was on site to diagnose issues caused by recent weather events and a power surge. KARUCO is at the vanguard of power supply in Karagwe. Thank you, EVS CARES, ETI Supporters and all involved.

KARUCO’s geographical location is near the equator and the abundance of sunshine makes it a great candidate for solar energy. Help ETI continue to expand upon KARUCO Solar. Water and power should not be luxuries.

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