Karagwe 2024: Not a Small Thing

January 21, 2024.

Reuniting with friends after four years is no small thing. Meet Patrick and Irene from the 2 Friends Hotel in Entebbe who have hosted the ETI teams for the past 7 years. It was exciting to see them again. In some ways, it was a downright relief. As you can probably tell by the smile, Patrick is one of Uganda’s hospitality industry gems and Irene excels at making hotel management look simple.

Today’s agenda is to get to Karagwe. As you know from previous blogs, I will go with our driver, Mr. Zuwa to the Mutukula border, pass customs, meet our partners from KAD (Karagwe Diocese, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania) and travel with them to Karagwe. Usually along the way, we stop at the equator for the “science experiment” (more to come on that) and a snack. But one never knows until we head out.

Below are a few more shots of my window to the world at 2Friends Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda.

Good morning! Another beautiful day.

This time it’s Patrick, Irene and Nigel. This time it’s 3 Friends at the 2 Friends Hotel.

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