Entrepreneurial Education at KARUCO

In 2010, there was a grassy hill. In 2023 there is a 1000-acre campus with an academic zone, dormitories, computer and science labs, farm plots, a solar array with battery storage and more. The 115 graduates of KARUCO have gained from their practical knowledge that goes beyond the classroom into practice. The Micro-Enterprise Loan (MEL) Program was begun in 2023 where five applicants were accepted to start up businesses of their own: Sunflower Production, Agrovet, Pig Production, Beef Fattening and Grain Supply. The loans will be paid back within 1.5 years and “recycled” to support other start-up businesses.

KARUCO focuses on entrepreneurial education, gender equity and sustainability in business. This merging of sound principals brings about increased incomes and care for the environment through fair practices. The standard of living is raised and contributes to the well-being of the lives of 1.5 million in Karagwe.

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