Builder & Engineer Selected for the ROC

ElgoodnessCivil and NCI Engineering submitted bids that were approved by our Tanzanian partner – the Karagwe Diocese (KAD). Elgoodness and NCI were selected as the builder and engineering firms to help construct the pineapple juice processing plant of the Rural Opportunity Center (ROC). Conversations are taking place regarding the machinery needed, raw crop needed, water and power needs, estimated waste water, etc. Our Tanzanian partners – the Karagwe Diocese (KAD) is furthering its reach into helping raise incomes in the remote District of Karagwe through processing of raw crops. Ultimately, the ROC will help reduce crop waste, raise incomes, provide economic stability and improve the standards of living for the 1.5 million people in Karagwe. The ROC is bringing transformation.

Elgoodness Emmanuel heads up Elgoodness.Civil

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