The murder of #GeorgeFloyd sparked an international outcry that compelled millions to speak out against brutalities by abusers of power and authority that have been leveled at Black persons. Specifically, protesters the world over called for fair, equitable and humane treatment of Black persons and demanded accountability among those in authority generally and police officers specifically. There was change and momentum the world over resulting in a renewed global movement upholding justice for all.

This week’s blog is a series of ETI tweets marking the 1 year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd.

  1. Today marks 1 year since the killing of #GeorgeFloyd by a White officer in MN, USA. The outcry against brutality against Black persons & lack of police accountability was heard in all 50 US States & globally. The murder exposed a history of bigotry & violence – a history far too common — & resulted in a renewed global movement to protect targeted groups.   

2. If we truly want our children to live out the highest ideals, we must commit to a deep & personal role in creating a new normal where the mainstays & remnants of injustice no longer infect our own hearts, our way of life, our institutions, our countries, our world. #GeorgeFloyd

3. “This verdict isn’t justice because justice implies restoration. But accountability is a #1stStep toward justice” @KeithEllison. Live out a legacy of the highest expectations, honesty & truth; then rewards for meeting or consequences for not meeting those ideals. #GeorgeFloyd

4. You shut these folks up and the very stones will cry out. I thought all Hell would break loose if the #GeorgeFloyd verdict went the other way. How did I feel after? Relief at a cellular level. Joy in a deep, sad, but sea-change way. Hopeful. And eager to get to work.

By Vasanth Rajkumar – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

5. Our work “is to put unaccountable law enforcement behind us” @KeithEllison Unaccountable leaders in all fields who control rather than protect, poison our systems worldwide. Injustice. Corruption. Justice cannot prevail until institutional accountability is firm. #GeorgeFloyd

6. #GeorgeFloyd mattered. His murder led to an historic sea change & we join those who will not rest until justice prevails for all: In the U.S. & in Tanzania where #ETI works. Our Black Partners infuse accountability, justice & empowerment into every step in our development work.

7. To the family of #GeorgeFloyd. We know that no accountability and no righting of wrongs can bring George back to the circle where he was most loved. Thank you for sharing your peace, for allowing us a seat at your table, inviting us to join your prayers & helping us hope.   

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