Karagwe Summary – 2020

Three members of Team ETI have been back for three days and are catching up on all that went on while we were away. One team member – Bruce Engel – arrives home (NY) today. The highlights from the visit to Karagwe are so numerous that it is probable that I have left something out by accident. Nonetheless – here are the highlights:

  1. Team ETI and KAD seemed to pick up mid-sentence where we left off ‘last time’. The importance of a working rhythm of strong partners cannot be overstated. The Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania has been a very powerful on-the-ground partner and as such has led how we handle: acquisition of land (KAD’s land); project planning; sustainable project design and funding; construction; inspection and informed decision making. All partners have a stake in the success of our work together.
  2. Special thanks to ELCT/KAD Management Team; KARUCO Administrators, faculty and staff; and to the ROC Task Force Members. Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza, Bishop; Rev. Yoram Karusya, General Secretary; Mr. George Rumanyika, Treasurer; Ms. Linda Mambo, KAD Planner; Mr. Vincent Mutoka, KAD Engineer Technician; Ms. Meribu Birakashekwa, KAD Webmaster; Rev. Dr. Brighton Katabaro, KARUCO Principal; Ms. Sophia Kanyamwenge, KARUCO Deputy Assistant, Administration; Dr. Dickson, DVM, KARUCO Deputy Assistant, Academic Affairs; Mr. Horace Kamkoto, KARUCO Farm Manager; KARUCO – all faculty and staff; Dr. Andrew Cesari, MD, Chair: ROC Task Force; Ms. Elgoodness Emmanuel Rwoto, Engineer/Architect; Mr. Eledius Zinegula, Engineer/Architect technician; and Ms. Accurate Bamuhiga, Manager, Karagwe Hotel.
  3. EVS Engineering and BE Design added immeasurably to the function of the ETI/KAD Teams. The design for the solar array at KARUCO (EVS) is in process and the site map for the food processing unit (BE Design) was approved by KAD. All green lights.
  4. Meetings with Elgoodness Rwoto and Eledius Zinegula (architectural technicians) added value to the ROC Task Force and design meeting. Elgoodness is supervising construction of the ELCT church in Kayanga.
  5. Solar Team: All goals met or exceeded.
  6. Food Processing: All goals met or exceeded.
  7. One adjustment: The ROC Task Force decided to process pineapple juice instead of nut butter due to higher value of juice. Communities still harvest ground nuts and will be taught more about their nutritional value.
  8. Friendships among ETI, KAD, EVS and BE Design were strengthened and partnerships renewed.
  9. KARUCO Administration, faculty and staff proposed to name the solar array sites at KARUCO:
    1. Partnership Square Solar, and
    2. EVS Square Solar.
  10. Follow up presentations and plans are underway


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