Just 19 Days Ago..KARUCO Students

Not quite three weeks ago, ETI got to spend time with KARUCO Faculty, staff and students. What a great day.


ETI relishes each and every meeting with KARUCO students. The very reason ETI was formed in 2010 was to help KAD establish Karagwe University College (KARUCO), and to provide opportunities for youth in Karagwe. Plainly said, KARUCO provides alternatives for youth fleeing to urban settings in search of employment as well as an alternative to early marriage (with an average age of 18 and often 14). And now – we have the privilege of meeting the young women and men who are taking advantage of the opportunities at KARUCO.
ETI is excited about the new trajectory for youth at KARUCO     (Drone training)

KARUCO has stellar administrators, faculty, staff and managers. Students are fortunate to learn from such people.


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