The Savat Family Gives Back


Georgia Savat had a great idea. She told her children, Jan, Jon and Joel, their spouses, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren –  all of them – that for Christmas, she would donate a set amount of money to charitable causes that she finds most meaningful and that are supported by her family’s interests and passions. Georgia believes strongly in the importance of making things better for other people. She acts upon her beliefs by volunteering in her community and by supporting charities.So, each year as the family gathers at Christmastime, she makes a poster listing all the charities, organizations and causes that she and her family support. Then, she has each of her family members write his or her name by their chosen charity. Georgia makes sure that all family members have committed to a choice — even the three who are under one year old in 2019. Once the commitments are made, she completes the process by writing checks to each of the charities she and her family have chosen. The family grows closer as it shares information on their favorite charities, why they support what they do, and what they hope gets accomplished with their support.

What a way to galvanize a legacy of giving.

ETI is privileged that ETI supporter and friend, Jan Savat, introduced her passion for Educate Tanzania to her mother, Georgia. ETI is honored to be included in the Savat family’s annual giving.

We invite you to share your story of stepping forward to give back.


Meet a few of the Savat family: Jan & Georgia, Grandson Aaron, Laura and family

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