TODAY – JANUARY 30, 2019 – is the day we’ve been waiting for since ETI’s inception in 2010 and even before!

Today was the day that the the first class at KARUCO transformed from HOPE into a real-life, flesh and blood group of 18 young people with hopes and dreams. Let me introduce you.


Nothing tells a story like faces.

A friend of ETI sponsored this young woman. Her life was changed that day.


There are 7 women and 11 men. Most are from Karagwe, and have set their sights on KARUCO and no other college. They conveyed how grateful they are to be at KARUCO. Not surprisingly, nine of the eighteen are the first person in their family to attend college. Today we talked about “being first”.

Students later shared their family’s sacrifices to send them to college. I shared my own family’s story. One young man, Castro, shared that it was his personal responsibility to do his very best to ensure that his work reflects well on, and builds the reputation of KARUCO. One woman pleaded with me to help make this opportunity to attend KARUCO available to other young women with no money.

And of course, there were multiple ‘photo opps’ that led to some bonding and silliness. This made me a very happy Professor Jan.

Yes, hair comparisons are always part of the learning.


Octavius S.
Merchadej M.
Elijua N.
Senetor N.
Kuyenlia K.
Awezae A.
Joyles A.
Happiness B.
Aden M.
Revocatus G.
A’conra A.
Gabriel Bohm M.
Maratardes Philipo R.
Jackson I.
Renatus O.
Castro K.
Raston S.


Prior to meeting students, Brighton Katabaro led us on a tour of the new ETI-sponsored chicken coop and cow “barn”.

Dr Dixon, Veterinarian, tells of teaching the animal husbandry program at KARUCO.

After a tour of the KARUCO barns, food processing and garden plots, Dr Katabaro, Principal, introduced Dr Bagonza, Founder of KARUCO. Bishop shared his thanks for student support during the loss of his wife, shared his pride in them and his eagerness at getting to know them. Students and staff then shared their thanks to Bishop and others for providing this wonderful college for them.


Power is intermittent so I am publishing this incomplete blog entry to be sure you get this latest update.



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  1. Steve Hansen on January 31, 2019 at 7:14 am

    Joyful, joyful day! What a great testimony to sticking to a mission and following your heart. ETI is proud of you Jan and what you’ve done, what we’ve done, and where we are going for our next step. Go ROCs!

  2. Karen Mueller on February 17, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Professor Jan, I am crying tears of joy for the opening of the college and for the light of knowledge and education that awaits its students. Congratulations to all!

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