ETI Giving Day – November 16 – was another success. We tried a few new twists this year: We hosted our first “Giving Day Breakfast” with a short program to inspire ETI donors to be part of the story.




About 75 people attended the breakfast, heard about the KARUCO Dedication and were introduced to Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs) in Rwanda by their designer and architect – Mr. Bruce Engel of BURO Engel Architects, New York. Bruce’s work was the source of much interest and inspiration. The ETI family appears to be excited about helping build ROCs in rural Karagwe.


img_3851Bruce was the Project Manager and Lead Designer of the Women’s Opportunity Center, Kayonza, Rwanda. This is a hectare with multiple buildings making up a vocational training facility in Rwanda, Africa for the international NGO, Women for Women International. The facility includes multiple classrooms, staff and guest lodging, a cafeteria, a market, administration, and a demonstration farm. The construction of the compound was completed utilizing kiln-­‐fired, sand-­‐molded bricks made by the future women enrollees trained by Bruce’s office. Features of the Womens Opportunity Center include rain water collection, a drinking water purification system, solar hot water, solar battery back-up, LED lighting, and composting toilets. Kayonza, Rwanda. 2010-2013.

CLICK HERE (Bruce Engel Linked In)

Laurie Aasen, long-time ETI supporter and donor said it best: “I am honored to be a small part of what you and your team are doing in Tanzania! I also really love how the donations are used well to teach the people how to do better for themselves. It’s not a hand-out, it’s a hand-up that will improve their whole village for generations to come! Well done, good and faithful servants.”



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