Hot News From KARUCO Coordinator!

Here are the most recent updates from Dr. Brighton Katabaro, Coordinator of KARUCO. It is so exciting to know that KARUCO will open on October 29, 2017.

As you can see the KARUCO partners in Europe are participating at new levels and funding aspects of KARUCO that are necessary for opening and for function. These partners have been working in Karagwe on other initiatives such as schools, hospitals and social programs for decades. They now have caught the KARUCO vision and are coming alongside ELCT/KAD in Tanzania to help bring about social and economic transformation in Tanzania.

ETI was part of the KARUCO story early and were fundamental in helping other partners catch the vision! ETI planted seeds of hope and mission in the beginning, planting seeds that others are now watering and tending in Karagwe, Tanzania. It is amazing what can be accomplished when we work together and allow everyone to be part of the story!

These are the latest milestones on the road to KARUCO excerpted from Dr. Katabaro’s bi-monthly report. KARUCO opens October 29, 2017!


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