18,000 Books to KARUCO!

ETI and its partners are elated to announce that 18,000 books, needed for the accreditation and opening of Karagwe University College, will soon be on their way to Tanzania – thanks to ETI donors and partners. 


Specific titles required for KARUCO’s agricultural curriculum will be sent through the nonprofit – Books for Africa (BFA)  and will make their way from Atlanta USA to port in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. ETI’s Tanzanian partners ordered the books from BFA and looks forward to witnessing their transformational power as KARUCO students gain access to ideas and ways they previously didn’t know. People in developed countries may take books for granted but in Tanzania – books are “like gold”.

ETI donors funded the container that will carry the books. ETI thanks John Price of St Johns Lutheran Church in Eau Claire who led the way, interfaced with ELCT in Tanzania, Rachel at BFA, organized Wisconsin donors to partner with BFA and ETI and personally contributed himself. ETI thanks John for his effective leadership, compassion and gift. (John and others at St Johns have been instrumental in shepherding the construction and growth of Imani School in Karagwe, an important feeder school to KARUCO.)


The BFA model invites book donations, uses those donations to fill ‘orders’ from organizations requesting books and then facilitates the loading and shipping process. BFA’s mission? To stop the book famine in Africa. This is no small task. And ETI is pleased to be part of their mission as well as its own – “to bring water, nutrition, health and education to developing parts of the world”.

So..2017 is here. And 2017 is the year that Karagwe University College (KARUCO) will open. Mark your calendar for October 29, 2017 when the doors will open and you can see for yourself that KARUCO is equipped with 18,000 books that are there because people like you care.

Thank you.

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