KARUCO Welcomes First Farmer Cohort

October 11, 2016

  •    What a day! 10.11.16  ETI is thrilled about KARUCO’s 1st Farmer Cohort
  •    Exactly four years after Groundbreaking – KARUCO welcomes nineteen farmers to campus!
  •    Congratulations ELCT/KAD, KARUCO Task Force, UEM, All Global Partners & ETI Donors
  •    ETI DONORS: Look what a difference you make! 
  •    But wait! There’s more! KARUCO opens to undergrads – October 29, 2017 


a-women-w-hoes“Teach us a better way”  

karuco-11-13-oct-2016-34“The farmers were very happy and grateful for the opportunity to be the first trainees at KARUCO.”   Rev. Dr. Brighton Katabaro, Coordinator; KARUCO

Nineteen Farmers

Nineteen farmers are enrolled in the first cohort meeting at KARUCO. They are learning new technologies, more advanced methods and making connections with more profitable market streams leading to greater productivity and profits. And all in the context of sustainable development.  Click here to watch the 9-second vid of the ETI Board as it hears the news.

“My eyes are shedding tears of joy having watched Christopher read the good news on the ETI Facebook and having heard your claps and cheerful noises.” Rev. Dr. Brighton Katabaro, Coordinator KARUCO

a-study-groupLearning together

Read for Yourself email-from-leannart

Can You Imagine?

You spend your childhood hoeing hard ground – raised to be afraid to try a different way – because if it fails you have nothing. And what you sow and harvest just barely feeds your family the way it is. You subsist. Then you hear of a hub being built: A college. A college where young people will learn how to do things more efficiently using tools and methods that people around the world use. Then you hear that the college is not just for young students. It is for farmers too. Could it be? Could it be that this is for you too? Can you be part of the story?


KARUCO is for you too.



Be part of the story.

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