Fifth Anniversary Raises 38K for Water System

Congratulations ETI Donors!

You funded 4 of the 5 water harvest and storage tanks for KARUCO. This will ensure that KARUCO will have enough water stored to open in October 2016.

  • KARUCO needs 5 (200,000 liter) water storage tanks.
  • Those five tanks will store enough water for KARUCO to open in October 2016.
  • Those 5 tanks must be built by September in order to capture enough rain.
  • We must start NOW to construct the tanks and the water harvesting system.
  • ETI Donors have funded 4 of the 5 tanks!
  • Tank 5 will be funded by Tanzanian and European Partners.
  • Water harvest will begin in September, 2015.
  • KARUCO will have enough water to open in October, 2016.

Thank you ETI Donors for making the Annual Fundraiser at Hazeltine a big success. Thank you for making KARUCO happen.  

There’s still time to help. Click donate on this site or email [email protected] and ask how.


Let’s help our Tanzanian Partners with their dream of Education for all.

kenya-tanzania-2-2010-cb-1-229 Children-Carrying-Water-On-Their-Head


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  1. […] are making KARUCO happen through the Give to the Max Day; the End-of-Year Giving Campaign; and the ETI Annual Dinner/Fundraiser held at Hazeltine each year.  Grants, cash and in-kind donations top over $1M for the five years […]

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