Your Son Goes to School. Does Your Daughter?

Your son gets to go to school but your daughter cannot. She cares for siblings, fetches water, runs errands and helps cook.

ETI is solving the gender disparity in Tanzania by improving access to education. We’ve done this with KARUCO – Karagwe University College. Research data from the University of Minnesota (Johnstone) show that young women report that there are as many opportunities for them at KARUCO as there are for young men. Men say the same thing. Duties, chores, educational opportunities and chances to learn how to do hands-on work are offered fairly to both females and males. Administration and staff make up also tell a story in that there are women and men serving on the staff at KARUCO.

ETI is helping solve the gender disparity issues in Tanzania and will continue to do this with ROCs.

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Be part of the story.

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