On this day that honors the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Educate Tanzania, Inc. stands in unity with our Tanzanian partners, prizing Tanzania, the history, the rich culture and the hospitality and grace of the people. Our organization has been honored and inspired to be in partnership with noble, groundbreaking leaders from churches and businesses in Tanzania who have been the leading light on behalf of others who have no voice and no power. Our successes together cannot be diminished.

Therefore, we stand with the African Union and denounce any derogatory reference to African countries or any nation. We join many others around the globe as we call upon the US President to retract any statement or “strong language” that is derogatory regarding any country or its people; and to apologize to all people of African countries, of African descent, of other countries referenced or inferred, and to all persons of civility and decency. We invite others to join us in this request.

Our successes together cannot be diminished.


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