KARUCO Water and Energy

TRAVEL BLOG 2015 :  1

On January 23, the ETI Travel Team ’15 will be in the air headed to Amsterdam, then Kampala, Uganda, then Kayanga, Tanzania.  Our team of four is excited to carry out the program goals of:

1. Assessing needs and resources for water, and ‘fit’ for scalable system technologies;

2. Assessing technology and Internet resources and needs;

3. Linking conceptual and technical plans to renewable energy resources; and

4.  Co-creating ‘next steps’ with our Tanzanian Partners – The KARUCO Task Force.

Our team of 4 consists of Jan Hansen (CEO at ETI), Christopher Jones (Principal, Inventoris), John Wade (MSAADA Architects), and Albin Mathias (Powering Potential).  Jan and Christopher will head to Tanzania from Minnesota, John from Mwanza, Tanzania and Albin from Eastern Tanzania. The team has been prepping for months by reviewing foundational documents, updating knowledge of the geographic area, cultural norms, and documenting available reaources to meet local needs.  Internet is spotty but visit this website often between now and Feb 1 and see what’s new on the KARUCO WATER and ENERGY BLOG!

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