Karagwe 2024: Final Blog

January 27, 2024

I’m writing this bit from Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. Muhammad Zziwa collected me from the Mutukula border after Neema, Accurate, Meribu and Peter got me there from Karagwe. All was peachy with visas and customs and it was a good day. We left Karagwe at 9:30AM and arrived at Entebbe at 5:30PM. This is a worthwhile but not an easy trip.

ETI/KAD SUMMIT GOALS (presented as achievements).

  1. Move forward with the Pineapple Juice Processing Plant. On all levels and in many ways.
  2. Align BE Design & KAD. Architects, engineers, builders and KAD resolved issues and are on the same page. We’re finalizing the Division of Responsibilities.
  3. Set Timeline for Construction. Groundbreaking: March, 2024. Target completion: March, 2025.
  4. Set Ceremonial Date: Summer, 2024 (June or July).
  5. Encourage Processes for Communication: Set frequency, who receives and who gets copied.
  6. Other Goals:
  • Review KARUCO progress. Toured KARUCO, livestock and crop plots. Amazing.
  • Tour KARUCO Solar & Storage. Set timeline and budget for maintenance and expansion (in the works).
  • Review Plans for Solar Expansion (Powerhouse panels, CCTV and street lights).
  • Other Goals:
  • Interview MEL Program Beneficiaries. Interviewed all regarding successes and challenges.
  • Interview Mentors. Assessed satisfaction with connections to income-generating markets, supports at KARUCO, gender equity, etc.
  • Get Photos: Top-Quality of persons and processes involved. Merabu Barakashekwa – media coordinator, accompanied ETI on all visits.
  • Review plans for expansion into MEL House. Received basic drawing and BOQ.


  • Participate in burial of ashes of Mr. Mel Breed, ETI Board Emeritus and Friend to Karagwe. Bishop Bagonza conducted the service with KAD Pastors. Most of KARUCO attended.
  • Set plans to fabricate MEL Marker. Karagwe artisan creates the marker.
  • Renew all relationships. Renewed and refreshed.


Leaving Bagonza’s home and Mecktilidia, visiting the Cathedral, Genegeva at Karagwe Hotel, “The Road”, customs at Mutukula, more road, the Equator and a snack with Zuwa, more road and Entebbe International Airport. All in a good day.

It was a great trip. See you in Minnesota!

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  1. Becky McCathie, ETI on January 28, 2024 at 10:55 pm

    Thank you, Jan, for your complete updates on each day of the Summit. It warms my heart to see the beautiful faces of our friends in Tanzania and to hear of the collaboration, agreement, progress and EXCITEMENT!!

    Its hard to find the words of appreciation for what you and the community did to honor Mel Breed during this trip. Likewise, what a call-to-action for us to live selflessly like Mel, with kindness, faith, and service to others as our defaults. Immense gratitude to everyone who converged this past week! What a year it will be!

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