Karagwe 2024: Dawn of a New Day

Best sleep I’ve ever had in Karagwe. The familiar rooster call woke me around 6:45 and made me aware of the beautiful scene outside my room.

11:55PM – 2nd half of this blog post.

To say this was a big day would be an understatement. Please forgive the format of this post which will be nearly all photos with this short explanation. 1. KARUCO: Talked with staff and met with students. They sang their national anthem for me and talked of their programs and the MEL Program. 2. We walked to the KARUCO plots and various crops, talked crop production, talked with MEL Program beneficiaries and mentors, saw the cattle fattening, pineapple production, pig production, sunflower project, Agrovet services and IT “One Stop” shop. All had good business plans and were repaying their MEL loans. We had tea together, talked and talked and talked of successes and challenges. Optimism is palpable. 3. KARUCO Solar Array and Storage inspired me. The plaque that KARUCO made to put on the powerhouse surprised me – in a good way. Well that’s it for now everyone. Maybe I will have some time one of these days to explain a few of these photos. They tell quite a story.

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