The Latest from ETI – April 2021

ETI is eager to share the latest copy of our newsletter that welcomes new subscribers, thanks our donors, outlines plans for the no frills NO GALA gala and presents plans for funding the Pineapple Juice Processing Plant. Click the image below to get all The Latest from ETI.

Food Processing Plant (Pineapple Juice, Honey, Dairy)
The Food Processing Plant will be a hub that increases incomes and improves lives

Construction on the Pineapple Juice Processing Plant will begin when ETI secures funding for the facility ($194,000) total. ETI currently has about half of the funds. Below are images from BE Design (Bruce Engel, Architect).

Here is where the magic happens: The heart of Pineapple Juice Processing.
The Food Processing Hub brings hope and stability to Karagwe

Your dollars go to support programs in Karagwe. No board or officers at ETI receive salary, stipend or income from our organization: All volunteer their time. Since 2010 ETI has partnered to help stand up Karagwe University College of Agriculture (KARUCO) on 1000 acres. The first cohort graduated in Fall, 2020. ETI is expanding upon that success to build Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs) so KARUCO graduates can start or grow a business. Step 1 at the ROC is establishment of the Pineapple Juice Processing Plant. Currently, our partners have the land, the deed, the site plan and renderings, the plots and plans for operations. All we need is the $194,000 to start construction. As of April 25, 2021 – we have nearly half. We are hoping to have the rest soon so all eager teams can get started. Go ETI!

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