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KAD – The Tanzanian Partner of ETI, serves 600,000 persons in Karagwe – no matter what tribe, religion, income or background they hold. The Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (KAD), has amazed us with its immediate and effective response to the global pandemic as they trained persons at the Nkwenda Vocational Center to sew 100,000 masks, created personal protection coveralls, secured sanitizer, disinfectant, thermo-scanners, and other PPE and equipment needed to prevent, curb and treat cases of COVID-19. KAD and its 262 congregations also created plans to educate the masses, install hand-washing stations, and then care for and bring food and water to persons afflicted with the coronavirus. We are grateful for the ETI donors who provided necessary resources that enabled KAD to protect the 600,000 people of Karagwe.

100,000 masks and counting.

Funds from Educate Tanzania Donors are helping people in rural Tanzania create a more prosperous future; free from poverty. Karagwe University College of agriculture – KARUCO – was established to raise incomes by teaching entrepreneurial practices, farm technology, and efficient methods of planting, fertilizing, cultivating and harvesting crops with greater yields and stronger connections to viable markets. But more is needed. The next step is to build Rural Opportunity Centers.

ROCs are needed to provide landing pads for KARUCO graduates to start businesses.
For example: A KARUCO Graduate will open a farm implement rental cooperative at the ROC where area farmers can rent a tractor, a farm implement such as a plow and operator to help them cultivate their land in less than one full day. This is a stark improvement to the hand-hoe method where it takes one week or more for a collaborating group. The profits from both operations will bring needed income for the business owners and will also provide reinvestment funds to sustain and prosper the ROC.

ROCs are needed to provide a food processing center for area farmers. Design plans (BE Design, NY) are underway for a food processing center at the ROC, where area farmers can bring crops for processing into juices and dried fruits, and packaged for sale to viable markets. See below for more.

BE Design Bruce Engel Architects (NY)

Farm families in Karagwe produce some of the most beautiful and delicious pineapple in the world, but often earn very little from the fruits of their labor. Farmers – mostly women – toil with a hand-hoe under the Tanzanian sun. Then they carry or bike their products to market ten or more kilometres away. And with markets bursting with all the same produce, the result is very little income for their intense efforts.

ROCs with a food processing plant are needed to change this.

ETI and KAD are partnering to build a ROC that will include a food processing plant. Fifty or more farmers will contract to transport and sell raw pineapple to the ROC processing facility. Raw pineapple will then be processed into juice and packaged smartly for sale to viable markets. The result? Crops are well utilized, businesses are built, jobs are created and incomes are increased. The quality of life in Karagwe is improved. Help make food processing at the ROC a reality. Be part of the story.

We at ETI are aware of events in the U.S. and globally. The tentacles of a life-threatening pandemic, loss of income, disruptions; and at least one continent reckoning with systemic racism and order. We are rightly focused on these events, but do not want to pass over the needs of those in Tanzania. Let us do the work in our own front-yard while continuing to help our partners and friends in Karagwe. Donate below to help Karagwe protect themselves against COVID-19, and help ETI continue plans for the Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs): Hubs for economic development. Be part of the story.

Educate Tanzania, 
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