The ETI Office is Closed: Work Continues During COVID-19

The ETI Office is Closed

But Work Continues 

The ETI Board of Directors, officers, volunteers and partners have been working hard to move all things ETI forward. Things have been all systems go since Team ETI arrived back in the U.S. in early February after the team of four completed its Karagwe 2020 site visit and attended the ETI/KAD Summit. As you know, efforts to design and install solar arrays and efforts to bring food processing to Karagwe, are in full swing.

However, it would appear inappropriate and tone deaf to send you our ETI monthly newsletter as though we were not all in a global health crisis. So, we at ETI, have decided to focus our monthly newsletter within the context of Coronavirus or COVID-19, and the global health crisis that consumes many of the thoughts and energy of those around the world.

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At ETI in Minnesota, we are keeping abreast of news of the pandemic and what we can do about it. We realize we are not experts so want to arm ourselves with the best data possible in order to make wise decisions. We value primary data, competent analysis and steady attitudes that refuse to panic or be dismissive. We believe that it is in the best interest of everyone to arm ourselves with information to make the best decisions possible during these uncertain times. We take into account the common good and know that each life we touch or impact is as precious as our own. We rely on several sources to inform us. Below is a partial list, not including individuals in the health care field who understand implications of health crises in developed and developing communities. Each link should be live so you can click on the source if you want more information.

Center for Disease Control (CDC):
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Center:
Mayo Clinic:
World Health Organization (WHO):

We also routinely receive alerts from a variety of local and global news source sites:
The Citizen (Gloucestershire, England):

Photo by Center for Disease Control and Prevention

In sum, and while not perfect, ETI is going above and beyond guidelines and recommendations. It appears that data are not exact regarding incubation periods and potential contagion from asymptomatic persons,  so we are behaving most conservatively. We choose to error on the side of caution. We have postponed all meetings, gatherings and all travel plans through the end of March. We are planning a NO GALA (virtual) gala for the month of May and have postponed plans for an ETI Spring Breakfast. We work from our homes and practice social distancing when we make necessary trips outside the home. Naturally, we comply with hand-washing and disinfecting protocols. We encourage all connected with our organization to follow strictly, the guidelines and recommendations of the most trustworthy health professionals they can access.

Meanwhile, we monitor the numbers of cases and spread, mitigation efforts and progress. We hope to contribute to the flattening of the curve of incidence.  We are grateful for health care in the U.S. and elsewhere, and are mindful of those suffering due to lack of resources, inadequate health care and/or underlying conditions. We pray for those suffering from the illness itself and for those who care for them. We want to keep ourselves as healthy as possible so as to not take up health services needed by those with COVID-19 or other health issues.

At this time, Tanzania has no confirmed cases of Coronavirus or COVID-19 and by the grace of God, we hope the case report is accurate and continues to be zero. Please join us in this prayer for Tanzania.

ETI Partner, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Karagwe Diocese (KAD), owns and manages the District’s only hospital and nine outreach clinics. Nyakhanga Hospital serves approximately one half of a million people who reside in Karagwe. Our hope is that this novel virus will not surface or spread in Tanzania. We pray that Karagwe will be spared and that Nyakahanga’s limited resources will not be needed to stem the virus. We hope and pray that the families who live in such poverty there, will not need more resources to combat another deadly disease. We pray that the leaders of Karagwe will be able to navigate the lifeline to the outside world without coming in contact with COVID-19.

Of course, we hope that all around the globe – people are spared.


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