ETI GIVE DAY in November kicked off the End of Year Giving Campaign. Generous donors gave over $20,000 to support the work in Karagwe.

ETI’s main work currently is to build a food processing facility as part of the Rural Opportunity Center (ROC). Phase 1 focuses on food processing of groundnuts, honey and milk (drying, processing, canning and packaging) so farm families and KARUCO grads can create revenue streams from processing their raw products. The ROC Task Force is beginning to identify markets to purchase processed products from Karagwe’s farms. Our goal is to help Tanzanians make money from what they already know: Agriculture.

ROCS are extensions of the programs in ETI’s first project – Karagwe University College of agriculture (KARUCO) that opened in Fall, 2018. Students are learning entrepreneurial methods of agri-business and look to ROCs as hubs where they can start or grow a business, become job creators and apply the riches of their learning. Phase 1 focuses on food processing. Soon to follow will be indoor market hubs, farm implement rental and a training center. ROCs are open to all in Karagwe with special focus on raising incomes of farm families and empowering women, poor and marginalized. Your donation matters and will be put to work immediately in Karagwe. Click HERE to help.

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