ETI Gifts & In-Kind Total Over $2M

Since inception in 2010, ETI brought in $635,000. (USD) in cash gifts and $1.5M in donated services. With those gifts totaling over $2.1M, ETI donors helped build KARUCO – Karagwe University College.

Every dollar was maximized as ETI partnered with others to fund the 1000-acre site plan; campus classrooms, science lab, library, staff housing; entrepreneurial curriculum in agriculture; 4, 50,000 gal water storage tanks; water harvesting system; electrical power; livestock barns and the first tractor and farm implement.

With each step, ETI’s partner, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Karagwe Diocese (KAD) has given sacrificially to forward their own goals and help fund the establishment of KARUCO. What does this mean?

The average income in Karagwe is less than $1.25 per day. And yet, each family was asked to give $1.00 in 2011, to help fund one of KARUCO’s first buildings — the Administration Building, which cost $60,000. Families took ownership and many gave $1.00 or even more to help build KARUCO and transform Karagwe’s future.

In light of the median income for US residents currently ($64,000.), an equivalent contribution would amount to about $150. This is no small gift taking into consideration the dire needs of most families in Karagwe that compete with donations (food, medicine, school fees).

In addition, the people of Karagwe donate a portion of their church tithe to the KARUCO project. Each week, members from 250 congregations give in their own individual envelopes to help support KARUCO.

“Ownership” in the KARUCO project is palpable and is one reason why several thousand people walked to the KARUCO site to celebrate the dedication in 2017!

Sustainability of a project depends upon local ownership. Local ownership is guaranteed with successful carrying out of STEP 1 of the ETI model: Selection of an upright on-the-ground partner institution.

Thanks to KAD for being that partner. Thank you for being part of the story.

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