KARAGWE 2019 – DAY 9


Bruce and I left Karagwe after settling up bills, emotional goodbyes and some last minute photos.

Jan and Accurate, Karagwe Hotel Manager

Bishop Bagonza took his personal time to accompany Bruce and I to Kigali. Bishop is a spiritual leader who is recognized globally as a national and community organizer; an advocate for the marginalized; a servant leader who is known to shelter the persecuted, help provide for those in need; and organize, speak and publish on behalf of the people of Tanzania. He graced us with his presence on this trip and we were grateful.

En route to Kigali we enjoyed pizza at the WOC, compliments of the one who designed and was PM for the project.

Dr Bagonza was able to see the WOC.

Bishop, Dustin and I said goodbye to Bruce who will stay in Kigali and then I was dropped off at the airport. I’m on my way home via Entebbe and Amsterdam.

What a great trip.

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