KARAGWE 2019 – DAY 7

The day started with a post from one of my sons who lives in St Paul. The timing of this ETI trip to Africa has rewards of all kinds.

Elgoodness (engineer) and Dastin (driver) joined us for morning breakfast, then took Bruce on a mission to see traditional Tanzanian architecture and art. The excursion also included a visit to the ELCT headquarters in Lukajange.

The group returned to pick me up and headed to KARUCO to gather some data on the water harvesting, storage and delivery on campus that was begun in 2015 by ETI’s Christopher Jones and MSAADA Architects’ John Wade. Mr Horace Kamkoto, Magushi, the presiding water coordinator at KARUCO, and one professor joined our group. The group navigated the intense sun and tried to finish its tasks quickly. Bruce Engel will compile a short report on the findings.

Our evening brought us to WANYAMA Hotel and Restaurant where we enjoyed spending time chatting and decompressing. Not to mention chicken and chips. Life is good. We are blessed.


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