Karagwe 2019

KARAGWE 2019  


January 26. ETI heads to Karagwe for the Karagwe 2019 Summit. Visit this blog to hear and see the latest from ETI. Jan’s flight leaves this afternoon, arrives in Amsterdam Sunday morning where she will meet up with Bruce Engel, architect (NY). Both land in Kigali on Sunday evening and will be in Karagwe Monday evening. The trip is packed with a visit to another opportunity center that Bruce worked while he lived in Rwanda for six years. Bruce Engel Architects and ETI look forward to gleaning new ideas and being inspired regarding the Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs) in Karagwe. The team will also get a chance to interview the inaugural class at KARUCO and interact with the evaluators and administrators who are helping establish baseline for the KARUCO Impact Study (co-created with UMN Partner, Dr. Chris Johnstone). It’s an action-packed visit. Thanks for following along.


Follow along with this ETI blog. ETI will do its best to keep folks updated via the website blog, FB and Twitter. Note: This is different than years past. Travelblog, the site ETI used in the past, has deleted participants’ photos (!!) so ETI lost its visual archive for our past trips. To spare further frustration, we house our travel programs on our own blog and invite readers to visit the website to follow along and get all the details.


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