KARAGWE 2019 – Day 3

Welcome to the Women’s Opportunity Center in Kayonza, Rwanda.

I am so thankful for this absolutely amazing day. It started with breakfast in Kigali at the Five to Five, proceeded to the Women’s Opportunity Center in Kayonzo, trekked 6 hours to Kayanga across the Rwanda/Tanzania border, then finished with a reception and dinner at the Karagwe Hotel with ETI, Bishop Benson Bagonza, Dr Andrew, Elgoodness, Bruce and  Dean Yoram. Below is my attempt to capture some of our day in photos. Enjoy.

Bruce Engel, architect, led the amazing tour of the WOC he helped design in Rwanda.

KAD’s Dr Andrew and Elgoodness Emmanuel hear more about the gardens and food processing (yogurt and peanut butter).


The WOCs coffee shop and gift shop provide welcoming items as well as means by which local women can earn money.


Women were involved in every aspect. These tiles were made by women for use at the WOC.

This pano shows a training room at the WOC.

Elgoodness Emmanuel, engineer for KAD who designs buildings, found the WOC very impressive.

Water is harvested, captured and then distributed by solar pump. The provision of pure water is always a driver.

Buildings help mark the perimeter of the property.



Dr Andrew has become a walking advertisement for the WOCs. “Even better than the pictures!” he exclaims.


Our day began with some of our favorite people in Kigali and closed with some favorites in Karagwe.


From the balcony of the Five to Five in Kigali

ETI enjoyed a beautiful reception with Bishop Bagonza, Dean Yoram, Elgoodness Emmanuel, Dr Andrew and Bruce Engel.

A packed and productive day. Thanks for following along.

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