The Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania saw its KARUCO dream come true last week. The first students arrived and classes began on October 25th. The inaugural class will be the Karagwe University College’s first graduating class.

Congratulations all who have had a hand in the establishment of KARUCO. 

Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza, Bishop, founder and pioneer.

Rev. Dr. Brighton Juel-Katabaro, Principal, KARUCO

Ms. Sophia Kanyamwenge, Assistant Principal

The ELCT Management Team

Rev. Anicet Maganya, General Secretary

Rev. Yoramu K. Karusya, Dean

Mr. George Ndibalema, Treasurer

And the many who have toiled along the way to assist with the infrastructure, construction, planning, transport, lodging, supply of materials, development of programs, behind-the-scenes supports, milestone celebrations and much more. The entire District of Karagwe is to be commended for its vision, leadership and persistence.  You inspire us all.

As we shared in last week’s blog, the previous KARUCO Coordinator and newly appointed KARUCO Principal, Dr. Brighton Katabaro reported that over 700 applications were reviewed for possible positions at KARUCO. The review team established a strict selection procedure and was diligent in implementing the process. We look forward to hearing more about the selection process and showing ETI supporters the biographies of those who will serve KARUCO in professional positions.

Check out more at the KARUCO website. CLICK HERE.



KARUCO College offers several options. Students enrolled may earn the following:

  1. Certificate in General Agriculture
  2. Diploma in General Agriculture
  3. Certificate in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

From the KARUCO Website: KARUCO College was founded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – Karagwe Diocese. The college engages in training, research, community outreach and environmental conservation programs that produce a competent, skilled, entrepreneurial and ethical workforce, which in turn participate in building a prosperous, just and sustainable society.

Please remain with us as this amazing journey unfolds. Be part of the story!

NOTE: It is with great sadness that we also recognize the passing of Frida Bagonza, wife of our founding partner, Bishop Benson Bagonza during the same time that KARUCO opened its doors. Frida was a longtime supporter of KARUCO and had prepared herself with an education to help out at the college. She will be sorely missed by her husband, three children, and many, many family and friends who knew her to be a strong woman of faith and fortitude; a living picture of grace and peace. Rest in Peace, Frida Bagonza.

Be part of the story.

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