The first students arrived at KARUCO! They make up the inaugural class and will be the Karagwe University College’s first graduating class. What an exciting time we are having in Tanzania. Educate Tanzania Inc is celebrating in high gear that the agricultural college that was in the making for a few years is now established and receiving its students.

It has been a very busy week for all at KARUCO. The newly appointed Principal, Dr. Brighton Katabaro reported that over 700 applications were reviewed for possible positions at KARUCO. The review team established a strict selection procedure and was diligent in implementing the process. We look forward to reporting on the selection process and showing ETI supporters the biographies of those who will serve KARUCO in professional positions.

Check out more at the KARUCO website. CLICK HERE.


KARUCO College offers several options. Students enrolled may earn the following:

  1. Certificate in General Agriculture
  2. Certificate in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  3. Diploma in General Agriculture
  4. Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


From the KARUCO Website: KARUCO College was founded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – Karagwe Diocese. The college engages in training, research, community outreach and environmental conservation programs that produce a competent, skilled, entrepreneurial and ethical workforce, which in turn participate in building a prosperous, just and sustainable society.

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Our celebratory mood was struck down with the passing of Frida Bagonza, the wife of Dr. Benson Bagonza, Bishop of the ELCT/Karagwe Diocese. Bishop and Frida have been part of the ETI story since its inception and in fact, Dr. Bagonza was the originator for KARUCO and ROCs. Frida had just completed her Masters at St. Mary’s in Minnesota and was diagnosed with cancer. It was agressive and took her life three months later. She was a loving wife and mother and a friend to many. She was brilliant and a strong example of what a woman can do when given access to the tool of education. God bless your soul, Frida Kemilembe Bagonza.

Frida Bagonza at her graduation from St. Mary’s (MN) in June, 2018. RIP: October 26, 2018.



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  1. Rodney Priest on December 29, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Dear Jan Hansen, Wonderful news about Karuco. I am going to be 74 on 13th January. I was privileged to teach science for four years at Ihungo Sec School, Bukoba from 1967 to 1971. My tennis partner Mr Bryan Clark, a Nestle employee (they had the managing contract) was a UK citizen like me. He ran the instant coffee factory (Tanica/Africa) in the town near the port. It still exists, still produces soluble coffee, makes a profit and is owned and run by local business men and women. In the last 47 (yes 47!) years in secondary school science teaching I have researched, developed and tried out resources for my workshop / seminar and for school science lessons called “Science through Coffee”. Now I am asking permission to give this workshop at KARUCO having visited the university on Weds 25th January 2017 during its construction, met Dr Brighton and been shown round by him. Please can you ask him if I may come and give the workshop to students and teachers on Mon 21st January 2019? Email contact seems to shut down at this time of year over Christmas and New Year.My email address is [email protected]. I have already given the workshop nearly 20 times in schools (e.g. Ihungo), seminaries, universities and teacher training establishments in Rwanda , Uganda and Tanzania over the last three years and it is always well received and i am often invited to return the following year. I make no charge and can bring all the beans, grinders and other special equipment and just need use of the chemistry lab for a day. Dr B will remember me because I left my black leather jacket behind by mistake with my wallet and passport in it! He and Bp Bagonza rescued it for me! Please give my condolence to the bishop on his tragic loss. Yours Rodney Priest (my surname but not my job; you would not want to sit through one of my sermons, for sure unless you are an insomniac!) P.S. A Lutheran pastor in 1971 called Rev Joel Wyburg helped us white expatriates in Bukoba see the error of our godless ways when he persuaded us to rebuild the neglected Anglican church near Bukoba port and use it for worship in English. All other services were in Swahili. 47 years later I visited this church and its thriving congregation. During the preaching members of the congregation call out “Bwana yetu asifiwe” (Our God be praised) in response to the word of God. B t w Ihungo was destroyed by the Sept ’16 earthquake and British and Japanese aid money has rebuilt it.

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