The KARUCO Drone!

sparky2“Sparky” the Drone has applied for his work visa for Tanzania. Not really, but he has changed his permanent residence from the U.S. to Tanzania thanks to EVS-Engineering in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Just a little over one month ago – on October 30, 2017 – Sparky made his debut in Karagwe, Tanzania after the KARUCO Dedication and Inauguration. Following the ceremonies and video operation at KARUCO, EVS President, Dr. Dennis Kim and co-owner, Sungsook Kim donated Sparky to Educate Tanzania for donation to the KARUCO project. Karagawe University College Founder – Dr. Benson Bagonza was thrilled as was Dr. Brighton Katabaro, KARUCO Coordinator and all others within earshot.


Operator, Steve Hansen navigated Sparky and took aerial video and photos of the KARUCO Campus to share with the ETI family and Partners. Steve then trained KARUCO’s Volunteer IT Director from DanMission in Denmark who learned to pilot Sparky by viewing the drone’s most recent video and simultaneously piloting Sparky to copy the video. Fun and educational as the saying goes.

Sparky has given ETI, KARUCO and Partners the following images and offered a perspective of KARUCO otherwise unattainable. The ETI/KARUCO Team brainstormed some ways in which Sparky could be of use. Notably was using Sparky to help patrol the perimeter of the KARUCO campus for the purpose of campus security. The teams celebrated the good idea to use Sparky in this way. Many thanks Dennis, Sungsook and Andy Kim of EVS-Engineering in Minnesota. Your generosity makes a difference.img_3787img_3790img_3788

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