Happy Labor Day

ETI values work. We value working with purpose. Working with purpose gives meaning to life.


ETI’s work and the fruits of our labors are nearing a giant milestone – the opening of KARUCO. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Karagwe Diocese (ELCT/KAD); Educate Tanzania Inc (ETI) and International Partners have worked together for years to build a university that will serve as a hub for education and business–a place where KARUCO graduates can learn to run agricultural businesses and be job creators in addition to job seekers. Karagwe University College has been in the planning, design, construction, accreditation and now opening phases since Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza first proposed a university over a decade ago.


Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza, Bishop: Founder of KARUCO

Once the ELCT approved the concept of KARUCO (2006), the ELCT in Karagwe became responsible for managing all the work that would go into the establishment of KARUCO.karagwe-2016-115

In 2010, the KAD Management Team appointed Rev. Dr. Brighton Juel Katabaro as Coordinator of KARUCO. The KAD Team oversees all partnerships, contracts, funding and labors related to KARUCO and works with Dr. Katabaro to steer and carry out the myriad tasks needed to establish the university. karagwe-2016-035

Since Groundbreaking in 2012, the 1,000 acre KARUCO site has seen its share of planners, architects, engineers, managers, security personnel, educators, administrators, mission workers, tourists and crews and crews of construction workers. And now it’s coming to a major milestone.

KARUCO Dedication and Inauguration – OCTOBER 29, 2017

ETI values work. We value working with purpose. Working with purpose gives meaning to life. On this Labor Day, 2017, we acknowledge and honor the labors of those who have made, are making and will make KARUCO a reality.

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