So Much Happening at ETI

As Jimmy Fallon says: “OH MY GOODNESS!”



Yes, there is lots going on with ETI and lots to keep up with.

Here is a taste of the work at this time:

1. Prepare for the OPENING OF KARUCO! October 29, 2017

Wow. ETI and YOU have been integral in so many aspects of the building of KARUCO (visit the timeline [CLICK HERE] to see what I mean). In the past few months (only) we have supplied 18,000 volumes and 6 agricultural libraries; and have provided funds to help build the professors’ offices. These are not small things. ETI has partnered and had a hand in all of the following:




Infrastructure (roads, electricity, water) – stuff we take for granted
Program & Curriculum

Establishing partnerships and momentum for KARUCO.
Building capacity for the organization – ETI – effective in the development of communities.
Supporting partnerships that actually do something in countries where poverty is the norm.

Mr. Sam Kayongo; Mr. Thobias Itegereize; Rev. Dr. Fortunatas Bihura; Rev Dr. Brighton Katabaaro; Dr. Jan B? Hansen; and Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza-Bishop

Mr. Sam Kayongo; Mr. Thobias Itegereize; Rev. Dr. Fortunatas Bihura; Rev Dr. Brighton Katabaaro; Dr. Jan B? Hansen; and Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza-Bishop

2. Envision Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCS)

The ROCs are to be built as extensions of KARUCO. Where will they be established? What will they entail? Our assessment team collected data from 4 communities and listened to what community members “see” in the ROCS.  ETI is not like most groups who skip this step.  Some say: “We can figure this out” (from the outside) and neglect what the insiders (you know – the local folks who actually live there ((here)). Please: Do not skip this step.

3. Recognize ETI Donors.

ETI Donors have made it happen. Our job at ETI is to bring them up to speed regarding all updates and to acknowledge their contributions – at all sizes.

4. Make travel plans for the KARUCO travel team: N=11 (Wow!)

Keep in mind that some are traveling to KARUCO and then others are headed onward to the ETI Safari with Jan & Steve Hansen! (ETI knows that travelers to the opening will have the experience of a lifetime!  ETI also wants donors to know that travelers pay their own way. No ETI funds are used for the travelers’ experiences. And like you – We DO look forward to their return.)


5. Supervise our competent intern from Macalester
6. Connect with media who will write about the ramp up for KARUCO’s opening.

Get the word out!

7. Create/send the ETI  NEWSLETTER.

Mailchimp or snail mail or email or …

8. Provide the weekly updates:

Website blog, Facebook and Twitter (don’t forget weekly email).

9. Continue the development plans:

Strategic plans for advancement and funding for ETI and ultimately, Tanzania.

10. Submit the EZ 990

No matter how many activities fly into our office, there remains the IRS issues to account for: the EZ 990 is our responsibility and ETI wants the public to know how responsible we are with funds.


You not only make things happen. You give us encouragement every step of the way. Asante sana! We cannot do this without you.

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