There’s No “I” in SALT !


Why are Ella Dwyer, Chloe Craigie and Jenny Alfthan smiling? Because they are part of SALT – the Service Adventure Leadership Team at Crosby-Ironton High School and they are working on something bigger than themselves.

What are they working on, you ask?  Well, as part of SALT, Ella, Chloe and Jenny have volunteered to solicit supplies and funds for supplies and then pack those supplies to make 150 HEALTH KITS that ETI will deliver to impoverished families in Karagwe, Tanzania later this spring.

Dr. Chris Johnstone of the University of Minnesota (ETI Partner), along with Ms. Rachel Kakulima and Chris’ team of UMN MDP students (see previous blog), will deliver the health kits to needy families in Karagwe.

Chris’ team will work to assess the needs of the community as ETI collaborates to design and fund Rural Opportunity Centers. The Health Kits will be delivered to families who live in the communities around the proposed Opportunity Centers. The kits will help family members address the general medical needs of their own families in this impoverished area where medical assistance is severely limited.

There is just one hospital in Karagwe and it serves over 500,000 people. It is short-staffed and short on equipment and medications. Therefore the health kits will serve purposes that are relevant and urgent and that help meet the immediate and general medical needs of the families.

SALT’s HEALTH KIT SUPPLIES DONATION DRIVE at Crosby-Ironton High School was held during the month of December.  To help build 150 health kits, Crosby Ironton students in grades 7 – 12 donated 23,700 q-tips, 3,919 band-aids and 230 bars of soap. Crosby Ironton teachers donated 150 wash clothes, 300 zip lock bags and a variety of other items such as tweezers and antibiotic cream. GuidePoint Pharmacy of Crosby donated 150 bottles of Ibuprofen and Dr. Jeffrey P. Fish DDS donated money to purchase even more items for the kits.

Many thanks to these local businesses who support SALT and support Crosby-Ironton High School. Kudos to Ella, Chloe and Jenny, to the entire SALT group. Kudos also to Ms. Kristine Andersen, Advisor to the SALT group. (Click HERE to read more about Ms. Andersen and her award from the National Joint Powers Alliance Award for Teaching Excellence.) Kudos also to ETI donors and to the Crosby-Ironton donors listed below who help make this possible. Thanks for being part of the story.

But wait! There’s more!

Everyone in the Crosby-Ironton area was invited to dine and “do good” by joining the Service Adventure Leadership Team – SALT – as they raised funds by working at Pizza Ranch on January 16. Did you miss it? Don’t worry!! 

Donations are still welcome and accepted. Contact Kristine Andersen!  22nd on the LIST!!


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