Rural Opportunity Centers


KARUCO Campus opens October 29, 2017

Opportunity in rural Karagwe is growing. ETI has partnered to build a university and is now planning Rural Opportunity Centers to provide water, nutrition, health and education to the people of Karagwe. Opportunities are emerging and hope is palpable.

As a partner, ETI helped build Karagwe University College. With KARUCO opening, ETI is now planning Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs) as places for KARUCO graduates to start businesses and apply the riches of their learning.


Opportunity Centers

ROCs will give young graduates a reason to stay in Karagwe and grow businesses that will provide communities with water, nutrition, health and education. Rural Opportunity Centers will help meet the needs of the people of Karagwe.  

Dr. Chris Johnstone of the University of Minnesota who introduces Rural Opportunity Centers and the team of graduate students from UMN who will be on site in Karagwe (May/June) to ask community members about their thoughts for those centers.

Hope is alive in Karagwe.

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