ETI Hits 10K in November!


We did it!

ETI brought in 10K in support of the Rural Opportunity Centers (ROC) in Tanzania. We are so thankful for the wonderful people listed below who are making this day a better day for someone half a world away.

  • ETI GIVING DAY ran all of November and brought in 10K which exceeded the goal.
  • ETI used the PayPal for Nonprofits platform at 2.2% and saved 4.7% on fees! Making sense with your cents!
  • Thanks to Christel Ngani – Technology Administrator for ETI who integrated platforms seamlessly!
  • Grateful for the 20% of new folks who are now part of an amazing story. Welcome! Karibu sana!
  • Thanks to the amazing folks below. You are making it happen.

Thank you for helping ETI bring water, nutrition, health and education to developing parts of the world.

Julie E. Oswald Trust – for the matching grant

Mara Allgood & Eric Matuska

Teresa Anderson-Haag

Chrissie & Josh Ankerberg

Anonymous – A bunch of you!

Gheet Bhatt

Rich Brasch & Carole Schmidt

Beth Buckingham

Eve Commerford

Linda & Kit Donaldson

Lori Duzan

Lori Feek

Lynn Fujino

Allen & Kathy Gerber

Budd Glassberg

Mrs. Richard Hacmac

Dawn Hagelee

Steve & Jan Hansen – In Honor of Sons and Family

John Herrmann

Mike & Lindsay Herseth

Chris Houghton

Mary & Scott Jensen

Dan & Georgiann Keyport

Dennis and Sungsook Kim

Josh & Karissa Kohn – Dedicated to Bill O’Keefe

Randy & Pam Krzmarzick

Pat Lippincott

Steve Lay

Pete & Renae Lenhardt

Brian & Melissa Loe – In Honor of Katie Shepard

Becky & Travis McCathie


Julie Moore

Gracious Msuya

Andrew & Camille Peterson

Dave & Leigh Phillips

Starla Pioske

Neil & Char Saley

Chuck & Liz Sell

Katie Shepard

Ben Spaeth

Melitta Spiess & family

Dan & Sue Steingas

Bonnie & Allan Teigum

Kris Vipond


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