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AndreassonMr. Lennart Andreasson of the Church of Sweden was hired by the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) to consult with KAD to get KARUCO open. Lisa Fröberg and Lennart Andreasson, from The Diocese of Västerås, Church of Sweden were part of the global partnership conference call with ETI and other KARUCO stakeholders last May (2016) that resulted in this hiring. Andreasson will assist the KARUCO Coordinator and KAD management to:

1) get KARUCO open (target date Fall 2017)

2) set budget and identify personnel

3) advise on international partner relations

4) prepare for a long-term UEM employee, and

5) advise on fundraising and development of a website.

Andreasson was born in Alingsås, Sweden and studied Economics in Uppsala, where he also served as the church cantor. Don’t you love it when economics and music dovetail? One Swedish page (biography) tells of his interests and accomplishments in both conducting and recording music and in financial management. In addition, Andreasson is connected to Tanzania where he taught for seven years at Ruhija School of Music.  Currently Andreasson works for the Church of Sweden with its initiatives in East Africa.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the visit of a team of four from Sweden to Karagwe in 2011.

Swedish Team in Karagwe by Cathedral

Archbishop Anders Wejryd, Rev. Margareta Carlenius, Rev. Sven-Erik Fjellstrom, Mr. Lennart Andreasson and Ms. Ewa Almqvistsince from The Diocese of Västerås, Church of Sweden visited Karagwe in November 2011 and has been in partnership with KAD since that time. This partnership just recently resulted in the Diocese of Västerås donating the equivalent of $30K USD to get KARUCO connected to power. As our Tanzania partners say on FB, “Let there be light!”

Mr. Andreasson will work with KAD and Dr. Katabaro, KARUCO Coordinator to get KARUCO open in a timely way. He will also advise the team on long-term planning to sustain an institution of higher education through excellence in performance, fundraising and communication.  Karibu tene Mr. Andreasson. 

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Let there be light.


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