Let’s Go to Karagwe!


Join us virtually – as Educate Tanzania and the University of Minnesota head to Karagwe, Tanzania

January 21 – 31, 2016.  Click here to come along via our TravelBlog.

Jan Hansen (ETI) and Chris Johnstone (of UMN) will do their best to blog and keep the ETI family informed of the latest adventures en route to and in Karagwe.  And depending upon connection capabilities we may even be able to upload photos. If you have been following us for a while, you know that at times it can takes hours to upload a single photo. Yes – be grateful for the connections we enjoy in our homeland.

The KARUCO Impact Study will assess community impact:

1) livelihood

2) gender equity and

3) environmental sustainability

prior to opening and then for the lifetime of the university.  We need to measure what things are like before KARUCO has its impact. This is what we are doing on this trip.

Then, once students are engaged and programs are operating, data from the impact study will help KAD (Karagwe Diocese) manage KARUCO and make relevant adjustments to programs.  ETI and Chris from UMN share a deep commitment to assessment and evaluation and believe that solid data collection leads to greater accountability and better programs, and gives donors the facts they need to make informed decisions about their donor dollars.

Join us.  Visit our TRAVELBLOG and come along to Karagwe!


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