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Andrew Peterson, Anchor Bank

ETI knows first-hand that Andrew Peterson of Anchor Bank is no ordinary personal banker.  No, it’s not because his profile says that he and his wife have a Yorkie named DaVinci or because he is passionate about impacting the lives of others in his community, or because he writes and performs music at his church and hopes to record an album someday. Even more than that, it is his contagious smile, reflex of going above and beyond, and genuine care for organizations including Educate Tanzania that is truly inspirational.  Lori Duzan (ETI Bookkeeper) and I work closely with Andrew and we echo Anchor Bank’s description of him as ‘being in tune with the needs of his customers’ and ‘taking the time to understand what is important to us so he can deliver what we need’.  This is the very Andrew that we have come to know. And as if that weren’t enough, he is a humble servant-leader.  Here’s what Andrew had to say about Educate Tanzania:

“ I love the work you are doing and love your take on how to help.” 

So, how does our personal banker know ‘how’  ETI helps?  Andrew has taken the time to visit the ETI website, make mental notes, get to know us, ask questions and learn the ETI story.  For example, he knows that ETI conducts on-the-ground needs assessments and that we work with our Tanzanian Partner to agree upon goals and then deliver resources and expertise based upon those goals.  He knows that we use local labor whenever possible and work hard to build trusting long-term relationships with our Tanzanian friends and colleagues.


Anchor Bank

He says further:

“Some organizations actually hinder growth but you are true catalysts for change

Andrew is happy about his year anniversary (today!) at Anchor Bank and embraces the way his employer goes about its business. He embraces the philosophy, business model and collaborative spirit of the Anchor Bank team as it focuses on the needs of the community – including ETI.  Andrew and Anchor Bank take stewardship of ETI’s donation dollars very seriously. Anchor Bank says: “Approachable, encouraging and committed, Andrew demonstrates the qualities of a great friend and a great personal banker”.

We agree. 

Now if we could just help him with his life dream: Seeing the Vikes win a Super Bowl.

ETI’s Personal Banker


Andrew's Home Away From Home

Andrew’s Home Away From Home

Anchor Bank, Eden Prairie

Anchor Bank, Eden Prairie









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