KARUCO Water and Energy Team Returns

KARUCO’s Water and Energy Team is back at it in their respective home countries.  John Wade (MSAADA Architects) is back in Mwanza busy with other projects in Tanzania as well as moving the KARUCO project ahead; Albin Mathias (Powering Potential) is back home (near Arusha) and Christopher Jones (Inventoris) and Jan Hansen (ETI) are back in balmy Minnesota longing for the warmer climes of Africa.

Albin submitted a report that outlines the next steps for ETI to take to get solar-powered computers and Internet at KARUCO. Our Tanzanian Partners at KAD complain that the Internet has been down since last fall.  Albin is doing his best to change that.

John and Christopher completed some impressive work designing the water harvest system that will enable KARUCO to open in October, 2016.  They will continue to work with KAD in Tanzania to get data that will provide more specifics for water harvesting. The Team has adopted Christopher’s motto, “Waste No Drop!”.  Christopher presents his summary and work to the ETI Board on February 24 at its monthly meeting.  The ETI board and officers are eager to hear and see “the next steps” that will enable KARUCO to open.  Meanwhile the KAD Team has promised to continue their work with Walter, the Water Resources Manager for Karagwe as he seeks viable drilling opportunities in the ‘valley’ surrounding and on the KARUCO campus.

Our faithful blog followers know that the (not even) spotty Internet in Karagwe prevented ETI from sharing its experiences in real time. However, we were able to use another site to upload some stories of the trip. Please visit our popular Travel Blog site (3,800 hits!) and see what you missed.


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