Thankful for ETI Volunteers

MEET LORI DUZAN.  Having known ETI co-founders, Jan & Steve Hansen for over a decade, she jumped on board in 2010 during the formation of Educate Tanzania. Little did she know the ride she was about to embark. Lori signed on for a one-year stint as ETI’s secretary, and after four years, somehow still finds the work challenging and worthwhile.  The story would not be in the chapter it is today without Lori as the ETI secretary and organizational help as bookkeeper, ‘archiver’ and all around ‘good-egg’.  Lori files all official documents, interfaces with our auditors, takes meeting notes, gets to know interns, and oversees all transactions with ETI.  Lori is prompted by her faith and resolve that she can make a difference to people in Tanzania she has learned to love but never met.


Educate Tanzania LOVES ITS VOLUNTEERS!  We rely on several hundred Partners, Volunteers and Directors to carry out our charitable purposes: to bring education, water and health to the neediest parts of the world.  Like many other professional nonprofit organizations we rely on volunteer expertise and resources of time, treasure and talent to move KARUCO forward.

Analyses are needed that will identify the best college plot areas for selected crops in KARUCO's 1000 acres.

We have volunteers in the areas of Education, Business, Agriculture, Architecture, Engineering, Law, Finance, Medicine, Theology, Psychology, Technology, Renewable Energy, and other areas.  It is sheer joy to see the smiling faces of the “Teacher Table” or the “Business Table” at the annual dinner and fundraiser each year.

Speaking of which, we can’t imagine hosting the annual fundraiser without our team of 40 volunteers.  Each person is vital to a task that helps us come off as a professional organization with a solid plan making progress through some huge milestones in Karagwe, Tanzania. And how could we continue to participate in Give to the Max Day, or secure our grants, or keep up with FaceBook and Twitter, or send the newsletter, or host our annual meeting, or say ‘thank you’ to the hundreds and hundreds of donors without our volunteers?  We are inter-dependent upon our cadre of volunteers, partners, board of directors, staff and interns – and thankful for each of them.


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