Feeling good about ETI's work? We are too! Move that good feeling into action with a donation today. There are no heavy overhead costs so 93% of your gift goes straight to our programs in Tanzania. Be part of the story.


Direct donations can be provided to Educate Tanzania via Paypal or directly.  Or contact us to participate in one of our fundraising events. Here is a copy of our IRS determination letter for your tax deductible donations.

Infrastructure/Building Supplies

Donors can also provide Educate Tanzania with much needed building supplies and equipment that may not be available in Tanzania. (i.e.) Solar panels, construction equipment and tools (donor must cover shipping). 

Send a Check

Educate Tanzania, Inc.
91 Snelling Ave North, Suite 210
Saint Paul MN 55104


Some donors want to donate basic supplies. While ETI supports the economy in Tanzania, we have a list of items you can donate that are not available for local purchase (i.e.) computers and frequent flyer miles to name two. Donors must cover shipping.

Professional Services

Educate Tanzania never displaces a local worker. But we are always looking for talented and willing professionals in fields of expertise that are not available in Tanzania. Please contact us if you have professional abilities that can be utilized.

Contact Us

Get information about more ways to donate by sending us an email.