Helping People Out

Local leaders and Educate Tanzania, Inc. (ETI) are working together tirelessly to serve the 600,000 people in Northwest Tanzania. As COVID-19 cases first began to rise worldwide, ETI mobilized immediately to respond to the global health crisis. Alongside our partners in Tanzania, we have provided funding for hygiene stations, personal protection equipment, respirators, ventilators, and coronavirus education. A huge thank you to our donors! Read on to learn more.

What are we doing?

ETI immediately sought and sent funds to our partners in the impoverished area of Northwest Tanzania. Our partner, KAD ( the Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania) — along with the Tanzanian government — owns and manages the district’s only hospital and five dispensaries that serve 600,000 people. Staff at the hospital and dispensaries are well-managed, educated and savvy, but need a great deal more PPE and healthcare equipment in order to best serve these communities and curb the spread of coronavirus. ETI is helping meet the following goal and objectives:

Project Goal:

To provide safety from COVID-19 among the people of the Karagwe district.

Our Objectives:

  1. Fund necessary equipment and facilities (PPE, disinfectant, respirators, ventilators and an ambulance) at Nyakahanga Hospital and its dispensaries to help with prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
  2. Fund necessary equipment and facilities (hand-washing stations, hygiene stations, soap, disinfectant, PPE) in congregations towards prevention and slowing of COVID-19.
  3. Fund COVID-19 health education in these communities (via radio, television).
  4. Fund sufficient food and water supply to those afflicted with COVID-19 and in quarantine.
  • Man in medical suit
    Rev B Nkwenda PPE Coveralls
  • Man at sewing machine
  • Hospital Staff
    Nyakhanga Hospital
  • Temperature Device Boxes
    Boxes of things.
  • Support ETI & Help Curb COVID-19 in Tanzania

    ETI donors have already provided over $100,000. to help our partners respond to this pandemic. Much more is needed to supply the PPE, sanitization, respirators, ventilators, education and emergency transportation in order to stem, prevent or treat the pandemic in this impoverished, developing community. The World Health Organization has warned Africa to brace itself. Immediate intervention is urgently needed. Please consider helping today.

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