Oxfam: The Power of Education

The chance for every child to learn & use their talents is at the heart of a just society. But it is wealth, not talent, that often decides a child’s fate. In so many developing communities, brilliant engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs & teachers spend their days, instead, fetching water & herding goats. Let’s change this. #InvestEducation #Education4ALL #ETI

“A School Day”

Take a look at Oxfam’s Report on the Power of Education 2019. This has special application to Karagwe, Tanzania where nearly 50% of children do not attend school because they are fetching water and herding livestock. Here is a link to the full Oxfam Report with a very brief summary below. Check it out.


Oxfam promotes the tenets that a good-quality education is liberating for individuals. It can also be an equalizer within society. This report shows the unparalleled power of education to tackle growing inequality and bring us closer together. To achieve this, education must be both of good quality and equitable. Oxfam makes a case that it should be free, universal, adequately funded, with well-supported teachers, and accountable oversight. Fair taxation of the wealthiest can help pay for it.

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