ETI Launches its New Year

ETI KICKS OFF the 2019-2020 YEAR !


1. ETI Launches New Year
The ETI Annual Meeting on September 17 kicked off the new ETI year. We welcomed a new board member and a new secretary. We continue progress with Rural Opportunity Centers in Karagwe.
ETI Giving Day Breakfast  – Hilton Garden Inn, Eden Prairie – 7:30-8:30am

Your invitation is coming soon.


3. ETI Welcomes Mr. Mel Breed and Ms. Addy Perkins
The ETI Board welcomed Mr. Mel Breed who has supported ETI since inception. We also welcomed Addy Perkins as the ETI secretary. We appreciate such stellar individuals joining our team.


4. Funding Opportunities Ramp Up 
Fall is generally a time that grantors and foundations invite nonprofits to apply for funding. We have several on our list, but please contact us if you know of a funding opportunity that fits!

5. The ROC Needs Assessment (UMN Report) Provides Foundation for ROCs
Take in the executive summary from the Rural Opportunity Center Needs Assessment, led by Dr. Chris Johnstone and team from the University of Minnesota. This report provides a basis for our work.

6. ETI Partner Update
ETI partner, EVS Engineering in Eden Prairie, celebrated its 40th anniversary. Congratulations Dennis, Sungsook and Andy Kim and to all at EVS! Thank you EVS CARES for supporting ETI.

Dennis & Sungsook Kim with ETI in Arusha, Tanzania, 2017

Dr. Dennis Kim gives Dr. Benson Bagonza, founder of KARUCO, their first drone

Mr. Andy Kim, EVS, welcomes all to the 40th Anniversary. Kelsey Carlson, Sohan Das, Dennis Kim exchange congratulations for EVS’ fine work.

Educate Tanzania is honored to know the Kim family and to be partners with EVS Cares.


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