KARAGWE 2019 – DAY 8


It has been an intense trip, full of connection, envisioning, planning, and refining. Our team is “on” all the time. Eight days “on” with a lengthy list of “To Do” items upon return brings us to a place of contentment with spark for the future. Our hope is to improve lives in Karagwe.

The Day to Day

Each morning we are served a Spanish omelette flattened egg with peppers, coffee, fresh fruit and juice. Each lunch and dinner we are served meat (chicken, fish, beef), rice, beans and banana, cooked cabbage and fruit.

For those who have been to Karagwe, this is going to look very familiar.


Our team was invited to Pastor Jackson’s home for lunch. Elgoodness and her daughters, Brightness and Brilliant accompanied Bruce and me. Below is Pastor Jackson, his wife Victoria and family, and the ETI Team.

Jackson led us on a tour of his family’s shamba where they grow banana, cassava, coffee and other crops.


Following the visit to Kanyiginya’s we visited Bishop Bagonza. He greeted us and introduced us to his extended family, then brought us to pay respects to Frida. It was an emotional but healing time. Frida, Bishop’s wife, passed away in Minnesota on October 25 of 2018. Many communities around the globe were grieved including the ETI Family. Rest In Peace Frida Bagonza.

The late afternoon brought friends. Edina, her children and Prince Bagonza stopped by for an apple treat and to say hi.

KAD gathered for dinner to say goodbye. There were goodbyes and gifts and farewells.

Dr Andrew, ROC Chair, enjoys his Patagonia sweater from the U.S.

The ETI Team enjoyed its stay and believe much was accomplished.

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