KARAGWE 2019 – DAY 6

Another full and amazing day.

Boiler Up!

Our visits to Karagwe are always consuming. Leadership teams here make themselves available to the ETI team which makes our site visits very productive. This is a solid strength of our partnership with KAD.

Our day started with the purchase of 80 “PICS Bags” from the Kayanga distributor, Mr. Jasper Zingilana. PICS = Purdue Improved Crop Storage bags.  The use of PICS bags provides farmers the flexibility to sell their grains when they choose while supplying healthy, clean and insecticide-free food to their families throughout the year.

Next: Coffee with KADs Facilities Manager and old friend, Vincent.

Mans then a visit to my tailor friends, Kemilembe and Mathew who made dresses for my grandkids.

Then after lunch: The ROC Summit

Our goals today were to: 1) Compare and discuss 4 proposed ROC site plans; and 2) Review the list of considerations for ROC specifications and capacities.

One of four site map proposals. Bruce Engel Architects. Discussion and critique followed.


Elgoodness Emmanuel, KAD Engineer, listens intently.

As always, ETI and KAD closed in prayer. The summary of the summit will be ready within the week. Stay tuned.

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