KARAGWE 2019 – DAY 4

Karagwe is nine hours ahead of Minnesota so we’re headed to dinner and closing in on the end of the day while many readers are just getting started.

ETI is always treated very well at the Karagwe Hotel. Below are photos of Manager Accurate and friends, Rebecca and Genegeva. We look forward to reconnecting each year with these special people. 

The ROC Task Force and ETI met for the majority of the afternoon. Together, we discussed site layout ideas presented by Bruce and Dr Andrew.

Dr Katabaro, KARUCO Principal; Sophia Lazaro, Assistant; Dr Andrew, ROC Chair; Horace Kamkoto, KARUCO Farm Manager; and Elgoodness Emmanuel, Consuting Engineer for KAD helped examine site and design aspects of ROC #1. Goals of the meeting were to 1) determine site placement (what goes where), and 2) define next steps.

Dr Andrew led the discussion which covered a wide range of topics: the need for a service road, water, parking space large enough for large trucks, architecture that draws people in, the programs or equipment needed, farm cooperatives, micro-financing initiatives, potential negative impacts on surrounding communities, and maintaining and sustaining the ROC – to mention some.

The team will visit the ROC sites tomorrow (Wed) and refine the framework for moving ahead.

Excitingly- the team will also tour KARUCO and meet the inaugural class of eighteen (18). Everyone is very excited!


ETI houses its travel programs on our own blog and invites readers to visit the website to follow along and get all the details.


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